Marvin Kickstarter Image

Marvin is a Survivor who was available as part of the first Kickstarter. He cost $10.

Official DescriptionEdit

Marvin Redfield - The Bodyguard

"Trust me and you'll live"

Marvin Redfield's mother always told her son he was born under a lucky star, that he was promised a great destiny. And she was right: the little boy was gifted with incredible luck. Yet Marvin didn't ask for anything. Being left in peace was all he wanted. Marvin's life was turned upside down the day his family was caught in a grisly accident. The boy was extracted from the rubbles without a scratch but was now an orphan.

Years flew by and Marvin became a bodyguard. As if to ward off the past, he used his luck to better protect his fellow Survivors. When the zombie apocalypse came, Marvin was not afraid for himself but for his friends.

Nowadays, Marvin scouts the city trying to save as many people as possibke. His legendary luck hasn't left him and gives him the aura of "redemption angel": some people pray to him and beg him to find their lost ones amidsr the death vortex. Marvin's still cool: no way he's going to bevome some kind of messiah. His dearest wish hasn't changed since his childhood: all he wants is to be left in peace.


Marvin came with a Zombivor figure as the Kickstarter reached the relevent Stretch Goal.