First StepEdit

  • Choose the first player (he receives the “first player” token)

Player's PhaseEdit

The first player activates all of his or her Survivors, one after the other, in any order. When he or she’s done, the next player’s turn begins. Play clockwise. Each Survivor initially has three Actions to spend, chosen from the following list. Unless stated otherwise, each Action may be performed several times per turn.

  • MOVE: Move one Zone.
  • SEARCH: Indoor only. Draw a card in the Equipment deck (always only one Search per turn per Survivor).
  • OPEN A DOOR: Special Equipment or Skill required. Spawn Zombies inside a building if it’s the first door.
  • REORGANIZE INVENTORY: Equipment exchange with another Survivor (in the same Zone) is possible.
  • RANGED COMBAT: Equipped Ranged weapon required.
  • MELEE COMBAT: Equipped Melee weapon required.
  • GET IN OR GET OUT OF A VEHICLE: (Car, Helicopter, etc.) Can’t get in if there are Zombies.
  • CHANGE SEATS IN A VEHICLE: Move to a different empty seat.
  • DRIVE OR FLY A VEHICLE: If allowed by the Mission. Must be in the driver’s seat. Attacks every Actor in the Zones travelled.
  • STASH OR TAKE OBJECTS INTO OR FROM A VEHICLE: Place an Equipment card into a Vehicle (in the same Zone) with room for Equipment cards.
  • TAKE AN ACTION WITH A COMPANION: Move, attack, make noise, search (with some Dog Companions), or open a door (not with Dog Companions) with one of your Companions.
  • MAKE NOISE Gotta need it to risk it.
  • DO NOTHING (and live with it).

Zombie PhaseEdit

1. ACTIVATION All Zombies spend one Action doing one of these two things:

ATTACK Zombies in the same Zone as a Survivor attack them.


  • The Zombies who didn't Attack, Move. The others are having a brunch.
  • Each Zombie favors visible Survivors, then noise.
  • Choose the shortest path. If needed, split groups and add Zombies to make the groups even.

NOTE: Runners get two Actions per turn. Once all Zombies have taken their first Action, Runners go though the Activation step again to resolve their second Action.


  • Always draw Zombie cards for all Spawn Zones in the same order (play clockwise).
  • Danger Level used = highest Danger Level among active Survivors.
  • Fatties spawn with two Walkers.
  • No more minis of specified type? All Zombies of specified type get an extra activation!

End PhaseEdit

  • Remove all Noise tokens from the board.
  • The next player receives the “first player” token (play clockwise).