Will is an optional survivor that is available as part of the Zombicide Season 2 Kickstarter. He costs $10 and is a Kickstarter Exclusive.

Official DescriptionEdit

Will - The Game Designer

Will Kickstarter Image

"Don't spend this Molotov like you can loot one anytime. It's a rare drop, noob!"

Will earned his job as a videogame designer. He served his stint as a noob trainee, spending more time carrying coffee than programming, just to be come a Useless Probationer (with a right to make photocopies). After three difficult years, he finally got a fulltime job and his own noob trainee. Only his passion for videog

ames - and above all, zombie videogames - gave him the will to endure this. Now that zombies have come for real, everything is perfect. Except for his noob teammates (who often refuse to share the interesting rare drops). But Will knows he can train them to the top tier!


Will comes with a new Ultrared "Friend" Weapon Card. This will also be available as a free download.

Will comes with a Zombivor version free as the Kickstarter reached the target of $1150K to unlock this.


Will's appearance is based on the character of Howard Wolowitz from the TV series The Big Bang Theory. He also bears a resemblance to the character of Stephen from the 1978 version of Dawn of the Dead.